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Life of a product design student

So its all most midnight

I’m writing a essay about the Sixties

I’m listening to music from the Eighties

Its no wounder everyone’s stuck in these retro reveals Its all where being taught about.

Bring on neo modernism or something

we need something to remember the 00’ys other then then as the year we remembered all the other years.

Still there is hope Ive just spent a semester learning how you think and why you buy what you do. Product Psychology

i could now sell you a dead donkey 

for the men just add look technological and the put a half dressed model next to it
for the women make it pink… it seems to be happening with everything eles at the moment.

Also one of the craziest design projects yet. Im design products for a ROBOT yes a Robot arm to be precise

You know the arms that you see spray paint cars like on that Picasso advert. well we have been are to think up a product one of them could make.

You try designing something that can be made with only one hand and that will make £300 per day.

So yes the life of a product design student is full of oddness from Retro revival to design for robots.

Any how back to my essay

Christopher C Petch

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Ive got tired of useing msn for my photo up loading you can now find my photos in photobucket


and for my more arty photos


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New Photos

new photos.

Christmas at Cat house.
A wicked night of Christmas merryness
and the xmas dinner i cooked
probably the best Christmas thing Ive done

university halloween party.
halloween party at middlesex university.
was a great night lots of dancing some drinks and cool costumes.

New years party weekend at Tina’s

lost of shopping,, card playing and crazy hair styles
**warning the last photo is of toms fat cut in his head (not pretty)**

what a cool way to spend christmas eve.
me, Tina, Cat  and Dean danced away
trying to blag salsa and did a pretty good job.
was a jokes night. will defflenty be trying that again

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Christmas time

So this is Christmas
and what have you done
another year over
a new one just begun
and so t
his is Christmas
i hope you have fun
the near and the dear ones
the old and the young


its Christmas oh yeah
and boy what have I done.
Been a busy week with a few up’s and down’s.
But Wednesday I met all my mates.
Was most likely the best day ill have this xmas.
i cooked xmas dinner for 9 people and I didn’t kill any one
it was actually good. I got the skillz. Anyhows.
it was just great to spend time with my mates I aint seen in a while and hang out, eat good food, listening to Christmas songs and have a laugh.

Also I helped my church put on the nativity play. What went very well the sound, lighting, PowerPoint and the children acting everything went with out a hitch. Was great.

Other then that it’s just meeting friends and posting flyers to make cash. uni is over for now, with still a bit of work to get done but its manageable if I actually work at it.


Things are going pretty well.
I’m starting to feel the Christmas mood.

And now for something completely different
I’m off to play football yeah I know me ,+, football
should be fun. Wish me luck.

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Yes it’s all started now. Uni life, 2 days’ a week. It’s all good.
Ha some how I became student rep for my course along with matty man.
Yes yes we are the voice of the students
So yeah design, drawing, maths, AutoCAD, funky dancing, crazy sayings and Sarah on a hedge.

I NEED A CAMERA I miss taking photos.

Hmmm fireworks night soon…………KABOOM

ARCTIC MONKEY’S….  not the cold ones you find in the bottom of freezers
I bet that you look good on the dance floor
I don’t know if you’re looking for romance or…
I don’t know what you’re looking for
Well I bet that you look good on the dance floor
Dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984, from 1984

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I own a motorbike.
Yay for me.

I bought it from a garage for £450 it’s a Honda CG 125.

In other words your bog standard Honda and an old one at that.

My bike was born some where around 1986

Everything work’s, it is a kick start so a lot of work for my leg to start it

Its a C reg what’s strange because my name is  C…hris.

My bike has graced the road for 28000 miles…… the same distance that satellites are from the earth.

My bike is red….. What according to Sweden statistics is the most common colour for passengers cars.

The MOT runs out 1 day after my birthday so I shouldn’t forget.

With £450 I could have bought 1098 tins of bake beans or 900 cans of coke.
……………………..I think im better with the bike.

I’ve run out of pointless things to say about my bike now, but yeah I cant ride it yet I need to pass my CBT get insurance and road tax (not in that order) before can even put it back on the road. So wish me luck for when I take my CBT in the near future.
oh yeah and here’s some pictures of my bike, the yellow background one’s are what mine looked like but I had to remove the over the top wind shield so it look like the 2nd photo now what I think looks a lot better.

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well the Alevels are done so heres my results

photography B
graphics      C
3D design    D

so i will be going to middlesex universty as planned.

how the rest of you do?

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im back

yes im back and as you can see ive loaded up all the photos tina took of are holiday in spain.
so enjoy looking. i had a great time,
but im off to sleep now so ill post something longer later.

night night.

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Golden tinfoil

Well if the title dont give it away i dont know what will.

if off on holiday im going to spain for 9 days and i leave  in like 1 hour but the flight aint entill 6pm.
so yeah if your siting there and all of sudden your mind wounders….hmm i aint spoke to chris in a while. well its because i aint here.

so yeah dont miss me to much.

bye all

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